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Why tell me Why ! ;-)

One month a go When I post in my FB profil about my new diet - VEG One of the most asked questions I get is - WHY so what made you go turn your diet !? In the begining I want to say I am not going to judge or try to convert anyone. But ;-) the question has been asked, so let’s me answer it.
My lovely girlfriend and doughter made new food with a mostly fruit based approach. Bananas, banana smoothies, banana oats, some other fruits, dried dates, lots of spinach and something cooked for dinner. Few weeks into this new diet I felt reborn. My energy level went up ?, but without that heavy feeling. My job in nightshift quickly became better and my cravings for food disappeared.
Couple of weeks into the diet we watched Cowspiracy and many other films and that changed oury reasoning a lot. It was not only because “I feel better as a new diet, but also in my opinion because I truly believe it’s the right thing to do! We escape from old diet away from dairy and meat products that we still had in …

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